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ever hopeful

Hi folks, I have always suffered with a fear of vomiting, but lately (especially with nv being constantly in the news) it has got to a point where it is affecting my sleeping, eating and general wellbeing. I have always been a really active, full of life person, and this constant feeling of worry is now taking over. I have never felt so low.

Today I have started a self help course, although I'm not sure if it alone will be enough. If anyone has any recommendations of treatment/ coping mechanisms I would be really grateful to hear them. I won't let it beat me!!

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hi luv i too have been feeling like you i have only recently been suffering for a couple months i got that bad wouldnt drive cried all time have you seen your gp and you on any meds? As with the eating your body needs strength to fight try eating little and often you need strength to overcome these luv let me know how you go xxx


Oh dear, I hope you start feeling better soon. I try to avoid meds where possible, but I'll see how the cbt help guide goes. Have you started any treatment? I am managing small amounts, but nowhere near enough for how much I do. X


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