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Please give me advice?

This Monday I went to doctors because I was having conscious breathing problems but I thought it was something more, doctor gave me all clear and sent me on my way. Last night I has a dream whilst dreaming I was struggling to breathe I don't know why. My breathing had nothing to do with my dream I was just dreaming about something whilst struggling to breathe. I woke up this morning in total fear to why this has happened to me in my dream and what it could be. I don't suffer from sleep apnea nor do I feel breathless after awaking but now I'm soo obsessed that I'm not breathing I'm my sleep and its going to kill me, what can I do I missed work today because of this dreadfull fear. Please help me

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Funnily enough I've had the same dream about not being able to breathe properly.

I put it down to my sinuses which are quite often blocked and I find although I'm trying to breathe through my nose it's hard to get enough air due to the blockage.

I reckon I've been breathing through my nose while asleep but not really getting enough air; hence the dream about breathing problems.

If you breathe through your mouth because your nose is blocked it'll make you feel breathless as well, which doesn't help if you're worrying about breathing difficulties.


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