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Bloody Valentines !

I hate Valentines. MY oh doesn't 'celebrate it', that's handy then! Seriously it seems to be events like these, birthdays, Christmas, that trigger something in me. Been doing ok for a while, but hate that hour or so between waking up and getting up, when your mind goes crazy and into overdrive. I think a lot of it comes down to feeling unloved,issues from childhood etc, the usual stuff! But I really want someone to make a fuss of me, sometime! Pathetic I know, and I know it's in my own head but you imagine everyone else in life is walking around happy, or loved up and will be wined and dined tonight. I did say I know it's pathetic ... !!

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Hi, can totally understand. Its day 6 for me today and between yesterday's post and today only 1 text. When things are good, and I'm anxiety free he texts frequently Whenever anxiety hits his communications conveniently decrease to almost none. I call him captain good times. When things are good, oh hoho, here he is. When things are shit, nowhere to be seen. And today is valentines day.

Lke you, something abt these days triggers something in me. And don't even get me started on my childhood memories, and continuing family dysfunction. maybe its the anxiety monster at work in all of us. I don't know.

Wht I can tell you is your not alone, I feel the same way too. If you need help getting thru today, message me. I'm trying to struggle through today as well and not go all basket case if I see a couple looking lovey dovey with matching tshirts.


Hi Kaz

Dont get down , lots of men are not to great with romance , just think this is just another day , which is is

I have been married for 20 years & if my hubby started doing something because its valentines day i would think he was having an affair , he is not one for Romance , as lots of men , but when I look at what he does all year through , then that shows me he loves me , we dont need a certain day each year , like the Christmas song says , its what you do all year through that counts

Ladies dont focus in to much what it is today or you will get down & it will soon be tomorrow ;)

What is that book , men are from mars or something , it is a great book & proves how differently most men think compared to a woman ...but its not because they dont love us

Have a good day , Trip has made us all feel special with his blog ;)




PS sorry to the men on here if this is not you , we love you really , just dont always understand you , same as you may struggle understanding us ;)


I try not to lie in bed when I wake up,I wake and say "get up" or the thoughts start,only if it is too early I try to lie in bed and try to think happy thoughts,can't get up if it is too early or it is a long day.not everyone is happy,I used to think so.If you stand in a queue and look at the other people they look like you or I,they maybe look at us and think that,but some have worse problems and conditions than us and are far from happy even though they look happy.

Today is not finished,there is still time,he might surprise you! Lol.


hi, thanks for your comments. Yes, been trying to tell myself it's just a made up commercialised day, so totally daft to get in a state about it. Just don't feel I'm ever spoilt and would just like to be for one day. Perhaps it's just on days like these that what you are trying to suppress, the anxiety, finds a reason and a way to come to the fore.

I do realise everyone's not happy, just the 'poor me's' today I suppose, and that negativity showing its ugly face again.

Anyway ladies, we have our lovely Trip, posting a sweet message to us all today!


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