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Here we go again

I haven't felt this way for a very long time now , well long time being a week ! Since last night I have been thinking so much , when I woke up this morning it became worse , I keep worring and wondering ! My heart keeps panicing that if I could I would take it out and hold it in my hands ! Is there any one going through the same thing ! I need to sure if I'm being paranoid!!

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No you are not paranoid , not at all , you are suffering with anxiety

I understand that feeling of taking your heart out & holding it , to calm it down , my brain as well

The thinking , you have the answer why you may have woke up feeling so bad , thats one of the key things we do , think , then over think , then anxiety , then fear & we keep going round

I ask myself how many of my thoughts are realistic & how many are not , ususally there may be none at all that I can justify , if i am honest , , & usually what ever they are I am blowing them all up into more than what they really are !

Whatever your thoughts , what ever you are wondering , remember thats what they are thoughts , made worse by anxiety , thoughts cant harm you , if we build on them they can cause fear , which can make us feel like crap

So you are not alone in how you feel & you are not paranoid ;)





It really makes me feel better knowing that I'm not being paranoid! I used to do things that would get me introuble , now that iv changed my ways , whenever I do things I keep wondering if its good enough nt to get me introuble ! I just took pills that ussually calm me down ! And they do work !


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