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Does anyone feel empty....first rugby match back went horrible please help!!

Does anyone feel empty sometimes like ther spaced out and can't feel a pulse I am constantly worried about my health also the other day I play my first ruby match back and got realy scared after the warm up I cud feel my heart beat realy fast and hard and also felt faint and spaced out I can't cope with this anymore I also get a crawly feeling inside me and other weird stuff it's scary and I love playing rugby so wish this would go away please

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Hi john

Sorry love you seem to be having a rough time here

good news you have got a pulse ;) I no it feels awful when you are feeling this way , the anxiety brings on the fear & the more we fear the more the anxiety

How you feel is common amongst us

I think you have tried meds before , & maybe didnt work out to great for you , but going to see your GP again would be a good idea , there are so many different things to try now , go back & tell them how things are

Dont put to much pressure on yourself , i no you like your Rugby , but you are also not feeling great either so dont beat yourself up if you dont feel up to it , you will be able to play again , give yourself time

Think about seeing your GP & let us no how things go

This is anxiety , feels like it will kill us but it wont , feels like it will never leave us but it will





I think that whywhy's advice seems very sound. I think that building up your physical exertions gradually is probably your best bet. M


Aw John, so sorry you are getting all these weird symptoms, can really mess with your head...years ago when my anxiety was first taking hold I use to go do a double keep fit class and on the way home would immediately start feelling panicky and thinking i didnt have a pulse, would constantly check for it on the way home, i would also get the crawly feeling under teh skin, i read up on this quickly and accepted because i was very much going to keep fit panicked and adrenalined fuelled already that my body with the exercise would actually calm and the pulse would level after exercise and i was not use to this stillness...weird I know but anxiety can have the strangest forms sometimes....Great that you are back at Rugby though, keep it up and im sure that in time with your accepatnce and determination your symptoms will diminish good luck Deecey x


yea i agree with u im in the same boat and it aint nice u feel alone i feel like im going to collepse sometimes wen im out its horrible i got rid of that 4 a about 2 years its come back agen and u feel like ur hearts going to stop sounds mad i know my mates the same too x


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