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Things do get better:-)

Hi everyone this is supposed to be a kinda pick me up postt

! Today has been the first day I have genuinely belived that this Anxiety can be beat.

I have always felt helpless and a slave to it . But today I have actually felt ' Normal'. There if even been times where I have not felt anxious at all . Which hasnt happen in weeks. I roped my best friend into coming to zumba with me after my doctor advised that exercise will help . And I have to say it rly has. Although there are still a few bridges I need to cross I rly feel like I have taken I step in the right direction ! Hey it can happen after all :-)

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Lovely positive post , giving hope to others as well , its great to hear

I am so pleased you have made such progress & I am sure you will cross the other few bridges in time

You really have taken steps in the right direction ;)





Ah thats great i am so hoping my day will come of not feeling anxious its a terrible feeling and the more you think the worse it seems to get i am so pleased you have had a good day and feeling more positive we all will hopefully feel this way soon thankyou for your positive feedback and you keep going xxx


Thats great... well done, the first step is the hardest..

It can only get better...

I think I need to push myself to start exercising again.... I love Zumba

Good Luck xx


Hi, that's good to hear. Zumba is great, love the music! I'm with you, exercise and being busy I find helps!

Kaz x


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