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Anxiety when out and about

Well went to tesco today with my 2 little boys and felt a little dizzy which brought on an anxiety attack, I told myself that its anxiety but something else in my head was saying maybe its not. I thought if I collapse here what is going to happen to my babies. Had to leave quick, sat outside for a while to get myself together then went home. Makes me frightened to go out. Feel so frightened of everything at the moment. I have had anxiety for 13 years maybe more but never knew what it was. It is getting worse and worse waiting on my CBT referral. I hope it comes soon. It's nice to write things down here nobody I know understands just think I'm crazy. Xxxxx

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Don't feel frightened, you are not crazy, everyone on here understands.

It's ok to be anxious, I know what it's like to be anxious about getting anxious, I'm pretty good at it. Just try and do a little something each day, walk to the end of the road or the garden gate then when you are back home be so proud of yourself.

Stay calm, breathe and don't overthink things, just do one day at a time. You are in my thoughts, the first time I put a message on here I went to bed atlast thinking that someone was on my side and I'm on yours.XXXXX


Thank you so much, its great to have somewhere where you can write how you feel knowing that others are in the same boat. Xxxxx


Ah luv its nice to know your not the only one when i have when i get so frightened that i feel sick to the stomach i too have 2 small children and they dont understand whats a matter with mummy anymore it has made me feel down and i hate the feeling of feeling out of control and is so hard to think its just a panic attack be strong just think i am the same as you we will get through it keep in touch xx


hi, I know how you feel, i couldn't even hang out with friends, which as a teen is a complete let down, but with anxiety its a feeling of dread, sickness and fear, it never lasts long but in noisy, crowded places its hard to breathe and things like this can trigger stress,personally whenever i went into places for shopping i always though i was like a battery chicken :) you should immediately seek a quiet place like the car or outside just for the fresh air, or as my mum would say on the men's deodorant aisle XD, i've had a panic attack in every superstore to date, from Sainsbury's to ASDA but its all because their too noisy and i can't cope being there so i tend to go for online grocery shopping, which suits me fine :) and you're definitely not crazy, people who think you are just don't understand cause they've probably never experienced something as horrible as a panic attack, i hope you are well and feel better :) xx


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