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All change

I've changed doctors, met my new one she's nice! One1 propranolol a day now and can finish them in 8 days! Nervous about coming off because someone told me its dangerous ?? although I have been on 3 A day to start off in nov, then taking 2 a day for the last 4 weeks! Still worried me though x

Seen my consultant and having my 3rd operation very soon. All go for me! I've bit the bullet and decided to go back to work and see how I get on. Hope your all doing ok

Much love h2b x

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Good news..but remember your time belongs to you....don,t rush , be kind to yourself..........regards.stde


That's great news, nice to hear. Don't worry about coming off the tablets, the doctor wouldnt advise you to do anything that was dangerous, so try not to think that. X


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