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In roses garden :-)

Ok mr anxiety ur going to have to leave me for the night and ur not allowed in roses garden. U make me feel sick, u make me shake and ur bugging me. I don't mind, u can come back in the morning when I leave the garden but for now I want to go in and relax.I'm not going to fight u, I'm going to lie here and wait till ur done then go in garden.heart palpatations-ive told u before they do not scare me, actually a little birdy out the garden told me that's just a sign of a healthy heart haha so it doesn't work no more. Ur looseing ur grip on me aren't u? Ur getting so much weaker now aren't you? Them tingles don't work either, u going to have to try so much harder! Rr u leaving already? Maybe c u in the morning? Ok I'm going to lie on the bed swing rite over there by them lillys, ooo and rose u got my favorate colours on the pillows. Silver and purple, y thank u darling u just know I love that swing. I'm going to have a cuppa while watching the stars lieing on them pillows. I best shhh incase I wake anyone up! I'm just to noisey at times so if I have woke u up I'm sorry. I like being here its so relaxing no dogs narking to make me up! I've gotta leve a 7 to get ready for school one but for now I'm challaxing ang swinging zzzzz

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Aww, hun, glad the Garden's working it's magic - and NO Mr Anxiety CANNOT get in - the gates are barred against him!!! You just lie on that swing, hun - or there's a hammock over there, with lots of soft cushions on it - look at the stars, they're so pretty, and have some of Minnie's Earl Grey tea - she won't mind, honest! I might join you, actually! :) And don't worry, you won't wake anyone up, not in the Garden!

Sleep well, petal, the Garden is a safe place, full of peace and calm and beauty!

Nighty night, my love!




That was worded lovely donaf & that why we should all take a trip into Roses garden when things feel bad ...well said & Roses words of comfort always go such a long way

Love to you both




Love it!!!!! :-) enjoy relax there hun and have some of mine earl grey tea!! They actually taste nice!! ?? Xxx


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