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Fed Up Now!

Been poorly couple weeks with inner ear infection that gives me vertigo. Went back to gp today who said need to give it another week to calm down! I understand that everyone gets poorly from time to time but the thing is I find it always brings back my anxiety with a vengence!! I have been experiencing couple of symptoms that I have never had before and it just sets me off in to the viscious cycle of panic and worry. I have put so much work in to helping myself learn how to deal/cope with having an axiety disorder and bouts of depression. I just feel like today that no matter what I do it will always be there! is it true once you have anxiety, you have it for life?? Don't think i can cope with relapses! :(

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U can get over anxiety but it takes times. One day at a time. Wen eva I get bad weather a cold or tooth ache it does bring my anxiety out but its easing abit over time. I'm scared of relapseing but I thinl we all will be xxx


Im scared of relapsing too. I had a bad back, back in october and after that my anxiety came on with a vengeance. Again. So hence ive not been at work since, and now im dreading going back at all. I dont know what to do im so scared. And what if i go back then something happens again and my anxiety comes back. I'm always anxious but when im ill or something i cant go back.

Know how your feeling i had a ear infection a while ago and yet again couldnt go back to work after because of anxiety. Life is so hard and i hope your feeling better soon tintin5187.

Sending hugs xx


Thanks Rachy. Relapsing just makes you feel so crappy mentally i find. It just totally knocks my confidence. I think I can cope again with minor bouts of anxiety but if i let it get too me too much then the depression creeps in cos i get so fed up. Life does have this horrible habit of throwing things at you when you least expect it. Hope you feel better soon too. Sending hugs to u :) x x x


Know what you mean. Im due back to work on the 23rd. Im dreading it. Next week im dreading because ive got to see my psychiatrist monday, who ive not seen for what seems like ages. Im on citalopram and mirtazepine, both of which he put me on. But i feel that theyre not working. Anxious about even telling him that. Then having a blood test thursday for my diabetes which im scared of the result. Got so much going on ive been terrible with my diabetes, and being depressed aswell have put on weight. Which life was more straight forward. Take care xx


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