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One got through

Hello people one got through yesterday big panic I was tired and one got through my defences I thought I'd cracked it I hadn't had one for ages but in it came when my guard was down that's the sneakiness of this it upset me badly but wired up in AnE I thought setback over tomorrow I start again I have to say I have to be careful because I have heart problems anyway but this one set off my angina Im recovering now what I really want to say to anyone with anxiety and panics if you have a setback start again what worked before will work again I won't let myself get that tired again looking back it was an eye opener a reminder not to get to cocky anybody who has a setback don't give up it doesn't go away in a day but the day it does is the day I head towards good for all the steps away the occasional backward one is bound to happen how we recover from setbacks is what makes us stronger we learn from our setbacks. All the best to you all and good wishes

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Thank you Melgil58 they are some very wise words,I hope you are ok now?

All the best.



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