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Been having a bad few days! Have noticed though my heart is skipping a lot more when I'm stressed! Can't afford to pay my rent and imalready behind! And now my work has decided they are stopping paying me! Distressed!!

Then this morning massive panic attack! Felt like I was choking couldn't breath! Had to sit on my sofa for 20 mins to calm down! Now shaking!

Got to go hospital this week for a check up with my consultant with regards to my two previous operations, if they were successful, and I've also changed my own gp because I didn't feel I was getting the care I needed! I can't face going back to work yet, I'm not ready I work in retail and deal with the public all day and I don't feel strong enough, but I'm getting pushed into going back through money!!!

Feel shaky and sweaty and light headed like I'm going to die.

Sorry I'm blabbing on just needed to get it off my chest and not run to the hospital wait 7 hours and be told there's nothing wrong and get sent home!!!

Frustrated and upset

H2b x

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Hi H2b

Sorry you are having a bad time with all the symptoms of anxiety at its worse by the sounds of it

You are not going to die , even though I no it feels like it , but I wouldnt bother waiting 7 hours either to be sent home ;)

About your bills , debt can be frightening , but can be put in a place where we can manage it , the first thing is dont ignore it because it wont go away , phone rent & anyone else you owe , explain you are of sick etc & offer them a reduced payment you can afford , they do have to accept it & while you are willing to pay something , how ever small , they cannot do anything as you are showing willing

I no its frightening , but if you do it over the phone , they cant see you , that helps me , as we are just another name to them

CAB is also very good , would mean you having to go & see them but they are excellent with all this

Debt line i think it is , who you can phone , you can "google no " but dont google anything else lol

They are helpful , please get advice with your debt , it can be solved & would also help you to have time of if you need more for your health

Been there so no how it feels & causes such anxiety , but please this one can be eased , just dont leave it

Let us no how you go on




Sending you big hugs!!!!! Ur heart is fine but its your mind that you think you have heart problem but you don't as you had heart tests and was all fine xxxxxx


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