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Do i have an anxiety disorder?

Whenever i am in a meeting at work or, now sometimes in shops, i completely tense up. I get this feeling that the left side of my neck is about shake/tremor uncontrollably which fills me with a feeling of instant dread.

It started off controllable but over the last six or seven months, its becoming increasingly worse.

I'm now starting to dread even going to work or even leaving the house for fear that i'll get.. whatever this is.. happening to me again.

Another note is, that i seem to have problems looking to my left and find it very very difficult to concentrate and i stutter a lot when i'm speaking to someone when this comes over me.

As i said, i tends to happen when there are a lot of people around or when i'm speaking to a manager/managers at work.

I don't know what to do about this or why it suddenly just started, out of nowhere!!

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Hi Dave,

What started out as something not nice to feel has escalated into a big thing by the sounds of it. You did not like the feeling so you feared it and now you expect it in circumstances where you feel pressured. Have you been to the doctors with this? if not, then you must go. Your'e not going mad nor are you on your on in fact you have found this anxiety page so it shows you have an idea what it is. The difficulty moving your neck will be because you are holding it tense and the muscles are complaining. Please make an appointment with your Doctor and he will have many courses of treatment for you not all requiring medication, just get as much help as you can can Dave, you would be shocked to find out how common this is!

Good Luck and keep posting x Ella x


Thanks for your response Ella. Its comforting knowing i'm not the only person with something like this, i'm glad i came across this site.

I had never considered that i could be holding my neck tense and certainly never realised i was.

I'll try and arrange an appointment for my doctor tomorrow.


Hi dave sorry ur suffering frm the worst illness in my eyes. does sound like social anxiety, i might b wrong though the bst person 2 check u out is ur GP so make an apointment plse also a lot of anxiety sufferers hold their neck very tensly + this can b very painfull + even stop som people frm sleepin. A lot of anxiety sufferers suffer strange syptoms + think theres somthin seriously wrong only 2 find out theres not, anxiety can effect u in so many ways u wldnt blieve, its very frightenin wen this happens but try 2 stay calm + remember ur not alone in this horrid battle. things will get better once u know wot ur dealin wiv + once u know wot hlp 2 get. kindest regards leeanne.x P.S sorr y jst realised time thats another thing us anxiety sufferers hav in common, not realising the time + bein up in the early hours, so sorry once again + gonna sign out now.


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