One of those days

Sitting in the bingo and its one of those day, where I got anxiety on my mind! Don't know y but get it sumtimes. So I'm going to visit rose in her garden. I'm going to sit on one of the swings with a nice cold can of coke and sum munchies in the shade. As its always sunny there :-) I'm going to read my fifty shades book, and chillax. That shud help relax my mind xxx

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  • O donaf

    Rose,s garden will cheer you up :-)

    When I read u were going 2 read your 50 shades book & chillax , I nearly thought you were going 2 say something else that starts with c lol thought O ;)

    Hope you feel better in a bit then , dont let Rose get drunk if she is in the garden , she will get a hangover AGAIN !!!!




  • I could do with getting drunk atm, except I'm so tired I'd just fall asleep, and that's no fun! :( Hope you enjoyed the garden and the sun, Donaf, it's always peaceful in the garden. Might have a party tomorrow - no promises, but if I'm up to it ........




  • oh whywhy thats exactly what i thought when i read it too haha great minds think alike!! had to read it again but it did make me laugh chillax!

  • ;)


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