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Magnesium defficiency and Anxiety

Hi everyone I have been looking into magnesium deffiency and after going on YOU TUBE and discovering the affects of this I have decided to take Magnesium supplement. BEFORE anyone dashes out and buys Magnesium check out the following on You Tube

1) Dr Carolyn Dean on The Womans Connection interview

2) Ultra Wellness.com/blog with Mark Hyman MD

3) EntireKatoa.co

In this interview it is said that Magnesium has same affect as SSRI medication.

All the symptoms described in all the videos are what many of us have.


Tomorrow I am certainly going to start taking Magnesium. You will be amazed by what is said in the videos

Please let me know what you think after watching


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Hmmm i will have a look at this now, thank you for posting the link.



i was going to take it but taking fish oil 4 cholesterol & was told if i took them both as i have ibs could give me the runs ?:-(

whywhy xxx


it wont let me click on the link ?



yes it states that may affect people with IBS although it suggest taking a balance of calcium with magnesium. Forget the link on message page and go straight to YOU TUBE and and type in Dr Caroyln Dean on Magnesium you should get a whole of videos up including Mark Hyman MD.

Let us know what you think

just had a message from another member saying she had heard the same thing about magnesium and started them 2 days ago. We aim to keep blogging with our progress.

ilsonbunny x


I have actually been told this too since I got back to Aus, so I started taking them 2 - 3 days ago! Will have to keep everyone updated as to whether it works ilsonbunny!


it says that magnesium only shows up in 1% of the blood so can not be tested for defficiency.

Also says Australians have highest number of people suffering with Anxiety/Depression and believe its because the soil is low in Magnesium.Yes will keep blogging as to how we progess.

Take care x


This is really interesting thanx. Will try remember to get some.


yes i agreed as i have been advised lots of people on here to taking magensium as magnesium is very good for anxiety, headaches and other things so i was on them for a while and it really helps so thats why i deteremind to not taking anti depresstant tablets because you can reduce or cure anxiety by natrual stuff xxxxxx


Hi every1, dnt mean 2 rain on ur parade but i take magnesium, vit b complex, vit c, echanasia, hormone replacement hav tried allsorts including the herbal teas which i didnt get no relief wot so ever so stopped, am still carrying on wiv the vitamins, only bin takin 4 about a mnth baybe need 2 carry on takin 4 longer in which i think u do or am i expectin 2 much after havin a nervous brkdwn, hav also tried a lot of meds including major tranquilisers but nothin hlps, have lately bin put on antiphycotic which use 4 major anxiety but still got anxiety, nothin hlps + dnt know wot else 2 do, jst feel anxiety/panic is 2 strong + im at the end of the road hlp wise. kindest regards leeanne.x


Hi leehow. sounds like your system is overloaded. So many things rob the body of Magnesium like Calcium. Please check out drcarolyndean.com and watch her Video. Sounds like you need a total Detox.I am struggling with horrible Heart Thumping sensations at the moment. Feel like my heart is blowing up stopping and taking ages before it starts with a thump. I am doing a 4 mile fast walk daily. Zumba on a Thursday and have ask fro a re referral back to the Gym through my GP. I am nearly 62 and aint going down without a fight LOL, Really hope you find some peace from all you have going on

Take Care xx


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