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Sleeping fear?

Hi everyone. Ive had anxiety since i was 14 years old and i am now almost 21, i do not know where to begin to tell you what i go through on a day to day basis however i do have a most recent fear that has just developed and its called sleeping fear. I am almost affraid to go sleep every night dreading im not going to wake up again and i feel like its having an effect on my sleep, i just dont know what to do i feel soo dreadfull and exhausted and having little panic attacks! This is just too much for me what could i possibly do to overcome this.

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hi yes i've had that same fear about not waking up when it was really bad i tryed to stay awake all night and asked a friend to sleep over on the settee i was on the other one because the fear was so bad i couldnt go to bed,, i'm sure my friend thought i was going crazy, well i was at that time when my panic attacks were all day every day,,so glad that hell time has passed, i hope your start to relax a get better soon



I have had this fear nearly overcame it as i started the same age as you! Theres a few things thats helped so i thought you may want to hear.

Firstly doing some thing active in day or night as helped me mto stop the overworrines but its kept my mind busy, which then also helps shut down at bedtime. Secondly having a nice relaxing bath before bed, using radox salts has helped in setting down to bed. Finally i listen to some soft music at night just to keep me realxed! I still get bad

Nights and of course good night sleep too, i hope you get a good night sleep soon! :) x


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