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Does anyone suffer from seasonal affective disorder, as well as GAD

O! That combination is madness.. Can cope a little bit with cold but darkness me drives me crazy. I feel; like i'm in a tunnel and can't see the light. It's worse when i work night shift because i hardly see any light as i have to sleep during the day.I wake up feeling horrible.Nagative thoughts play harvok with my mind. I see Drs all time due to multiple complaints.

I go out for short walks fwe days a week, go to the gym most days but it's hard work because it i don't do these thing i feel tense and miserably.

Is there any other help that i can try?

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Good news is the light nights shouldnt be to far away now

I think when we suffer with anxiety its always worse in the winter

Cant help as well you working shifts , that can throw the best of them , have you thought of one of those light boxes , have seen people speak about them & say they are very good for people with this problem , its just a thought , when its dark & you have them on it makes it look like day light , suppose to lift the mood

You are doing the right thing though even though it may feel an effort , but walking & the gym are 2 very good things to be doing

You are not on your own in the way you feel so be assured with that

Hope some one might be able to give you some better suggestions when they see your post , but do have a look at those light boxes , sure if you put it in google they will come up & you can have a read about them & see if it might be any help to you

You will have to let us no




Thank You, i've heard about the light boxes, thought i was going to try them but never tried them. Kept forgetting to check online as i couldn't get one from Boots.


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