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strange mixed feelings...

Now that done cardiac perfusion scan i feel relieved but also anxious about the results which will take 3-4 weeks. I know deep down that it's highly likely that they will be negative because the drs have said many times that it's highly unlikely i suffer from heart problem.

I've seen GP and cardiac specialist several times for the same problem and they'e reassured me that there's nothing wrong but when i feel these chest pains i get so anxious that i don't believe them anymore. Also i suffer from high blood pressure.

Wish everybody a well and relaxed evening.

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I bet you are glad that is over with? I remember getting those pains very clearly and was convinced I was having a heart attack. Couldn't believe I had a perfectly healthy heart!! The pain is so real. It always amazes me how anxiety can mimic such pain! I sincerely hope you improve quickly love, and the results come through quicker than you think

Lots of Love x Ella x


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