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Feeling useless

My farther in law died last nite and I feel so useless in nowing how to comfort my husband . I have been feeling very depressed and my anxiety has been really bad. I took an overdose just be fore Xmas and its taking me along time to get right. I just don't no what to do I feel so bad I don't no how to cope, my emotions are all over the place .

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Hi Cleaner... How awful, and such a terrible time for you both... I lost my dad nearly 5 years ago and its a terrible time, but really there are no words to make you feel better... just be there to listen to him, but remember you will be feeling grief too and allow yourself this... Are you getting help from your GP and counsellers perhaps?? Try and let your feelings out on here that may help.... thinking of you both and sending lots of love...... I know my comments prob arent any help but just wanted to send you lots of love, Im sure other people will say the right things on



Comforting someone through a bereavement is tough because there is nothing you can do to bring someone back (my mother in law to be has terminal cancer and we're trying to get married asap) but all you have to do is be there for each other and listen. You don't have say anything just listen. (Had a lot of this already) He has a lot of emotion on his chest like you have you just got to ride the storm and it'll pass with time. As anne64 says let your feelings out here if you want it's great.

Lots of love



Sending you love as well & sorry for your loss

I can only say what everyone has already said , just be there for your hubby

When I lost my mum , no one could do anything , except listen & believe me that goes along way

Take Care


whywhy xxx


Thankyou all for your help today has been realy hard x


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