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I no it's late but bad thoughts can you stop being able to control them

I'm feeling better now but don't no if you have thoughts of doing things and you keep say don't be silly that's crazy to your self and your thoughts keep say go on I no it's all in the head but can you actually act on those thoughts one day where you good thoughts just give in and things all go badly wrong or is it a line the mind won't cross and this actually doesn't make any sence because I am fine but its those who r closes there is no logic to any of it . I rely am fine tonite I think it is worse when u get stressed and tired no I don't here voices or any thing , it's just your head telling you crap I always stop the thoughts they just gettin a bit worse carnt believe why I would ever think these thoughts I' do feel better now I been on here sorry just couldn't sleep good nite all sorry going on to much there only bad thoughts I make to much of it because I'm tired

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Hi, your mind is tired too which is why it keeps throwing all this stuff back at you. Try not to engage with it, if you can just let the thoughts float by without giving them any attention. Takes practise but it works. Also scroll through the blogs as a lot has been written abt this recently which might help, somewhere there will be a long thread between PB and I abt dark thoughts, which might be relevent. Think it's entitled"why do I feel like I'm dying?". Hope this helps.

Best Wishes



Thanks ill have a look now I like it during the day rely don't like nites although I'm on meds gradually getting a fear off going to bed thanks again


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