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After going through a mental breakdown last year, I have finally braved it and made the decision to seek a divorce. I have been married seven years but life has been made unbearable by a verbally abusive husband who has no feelings for me whatsoever. Problem is I simply cannot afford the divorce. I only work very part time to look after the kids. Cost of a solicitor is 240 pounds per hour. No legal aid any more. I feel like just getting rid of myself and being done with it. Please help. Any advice welcome xx

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No legal aid now? Why is that?Sure someone on the site can help.Well done doing something positive,and hey,you have your children to look after and how much will they love you.


O Love

I didnt realise there was no legal aid any more either !

CAB is free , go there they can give you advise as there has to be something & usually there is , we just dont get to no , but they will put you in the right direction

Maybe you can phone them , but I believe that can be hard to get a call

I still think it stands that if you seperate from some one for so many years , you then get a divorce quite easy costs kept lower that way , but i dont no if he will leave which I doubt from what you say & as you have kids this may not be an option for you either

If he is abbusive to you & you report him , you can get a restraining order that will then stop him coming near you & he would have to leave the house

Hope you can get to the CAB

Well done as Lou says doing something positive

let us no how things go , i really hope you can get this sorted


whywhy xxx


Stay strong , those kids need you ,& you will get through this



Aw thanks so much all; so lovely to know that there are people out there who care. The problem I have is finance. All Legal Aid is apparently stopping from April. However, I do not qualify currently anyway as husband earns a lot more than is allowed on the threshold. What it boils down to is that I can't afford to end the marriage. He is not physically abusive to me, but mentally he definitely is. Extremely controlling and will not let me do anything without his 'say so. And as I want the divorce but he won't accept it, it falls to me to pay all the legal costs. This is simply not possible; I only work 1.5 days a week, the rest of the time is spent 24/7 looking after the kids. I feel so trapped and don't know what to do :(


Like the previous people have said i would go to see CAB, they are really good and may have the right advice just for you. Good luck.


Mental abusive can be as bad as husband was not so much controlling it was what he done and said,my father was the same.I blame my life with anxiety on my husband ,I always felt I was walking on eggshells,I have two daughters who are now in their forties and both say their Dad spoilt their childhood as he was the same with them .


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