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Road to recovery????

Ok guys not posted for a while but i gave up my drivin career in june as i was sufferin panic attacks and ive not drove a car far since but as i found a new career in november i got given my first traiin course which meant me travellin 1half hours in a car which i hadnt done since june!!! But i did it wiv ease i was dreadin it when u found out but i done it and im proud of myself!!

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Hey, well done you. That's great news. Driving and a new wonder you are proud of yourself. ;) Ann


Have to agree with Ann well done

There is hope for us all :-)

whywhy xxx


Yay well done!! Don't let panic or anxiety pull you down!! X


So, so proud of your achievement. Truly great. Coming through the panic and anxiety and getting yourself on the road to recovery is fantastic.



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