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Anxious :-(

Hi all, ok so I've been on flouxetine for around 6mths and they've really helped. Well ova the last few mths, I keep forgetting them as I've grown a fear of taking them. I only have to take one a day but this mth I've missed a gud many, I'm teking them for a few days, then miss a day or two. I took todays about half hour ago and because I've created a fear I feel anxious. I know its my anxiety trying a new tactic with me, I shudnt let it work, well from now on I'm going to take one a day, and get rid of my fear. If I don't that this anxiety will know how to make me anxious, well I'm not letting it. I'm gonna face this fear that its created in my head, I've been on them mths and they made me feel better xxx

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FEAR= False Evidence Appearing Real..........Antidepressants don,t need to be forever.....stick to your prescription meanwhile and give yourself breathing space.........wishing you the best....x


have done this once but then it disapeared so sorry if you get it twice. this lap top loves to play mind games with me!

love, love love your whats called now acromyn (really need spell checker on this site) one i've used till now has been FEAR = Fuck everything and Run or Face everything and Recover but like yours better just need to remember it now can hardly remember my own name these days! much more refined (smiley face_ dont know how to do it so got to write it)


Hi ya I no where your coming from I'm on 600 of quatiapine at nite and when I take them I would get a pulpatation in my chest about 15?minutes after I took them and you can feel them doing stuff they r quite strong it. Scared me so I to built a fear off them which would eventually very nearly cause a panic atack so I to started to miss them I'm not to bad now but some time cut the dose down because I'm still scared they might. Give me a heart atack I no it's crazy good luck


big hug kiss


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