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Worried I have stomach cancer!

For about 2 months now I have been convinced I have something growing on my stomach, due to "feeling" weird sensations in my abdomen. I started struggling to eat as this made the sensations worse. I kept prodding and poking my left side for ages, until my therapist made me stop. It's been over a week since I consciously prodded my abdomen and I have gotten over the fear of a growth on my stomach. I seem to get bloated a lot, especially after eating bread and pasta. I also keep burping a lot! My friend has suggested that I have a wheat intolerance, but I'm starting to worry that it could be cancer. For my lunch I ate a small sandwich, but I have been painfully bloated ever since, to the point I had to undo my trousers, and they wont fasten back up! Silly me on the train home googled (for the first time since october) "Painfully bloated" and It came up with a link to the "live strong" website which is a cancer charity! I know that it's most likely to be a wheat allergy, but I cannot shake this thought of stomach cancer off. I'm so fed up, I haven't eaten properly in months :(

JB x

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Whoops JB , "GOOGLING" you had done so well leaving it alone

Now i get irritable bowel , had it for years & I can look pregnant with the bloating & pain & I am still here !

Also wheat and other foods can cause bloating as well , so these are the most possible reasons

Have you watched if when you eat certain foods if this makes it worse ? something I did , took a while to work it out , but i no certain things trigger it of more than others

I really dont think its cancer , but go to your GP because this isnt very nice , I take tablets which do help , so there is no point in you suffering as I no they can help with this & you will feel alot better & also put your mind at ease

Let us no how you go on & dont go back on "google !" :-)

whywhy xxx


Thank you, I'm going to make an appointment with my GP on Monday morning. I find its worse when I eat carbs such as; bread and pasta. My therapist reassured me that my symptoms would be constant if I really did have cancer, but you know sometimes these things stay at they back of your head. My mum also has IBS so she thinks it could be that too. I will keep a food diary until Monday.

JB x


Hi jb, i've just been going through the same thing and went to the doctors yesterday. She said mine was because of anxiety and nothing else. She's agreed for me to have a scan to put my mind at rest but to be honest if its not this its something else so i really need to get to grips with the anxiety so i can put things in perspective better. Today i'm convinced i have ms because i've got some tingling. Again it'll be the anxiety but I can't control the fear. Try not to worry but go back to your doctors and get some answers so that you can move on x


I have been convinced I had ms in the past. It is sooo draining!!! X


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