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boiler broke (again)

Iv had a lot of problems with my boiler lately, just waiting for the housing repair man to come and fix it again. Im sitting here with my housecoat on under a duvet on the couch, which has been my bed for a few weeks with having a cough virus. Have not slept well for about 3 weeks now, my cough wakes me at silly oclock in the morning and i just cat nap all night. I stay downstairs of a night cos i dont want to wake my OH up cos he has to get up early for work and he's a light sleeper. Its better for me anyway cos i can make a cuppa and watch the telly til i drift off.

I thought id just share my thoughts today. Feelin a little better, id be much happier if i won the lottery tho. :D

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Hi linny

Sometimes life just feels its one thing after another & its only me it happens to , so even though I wish that cough of yours would go & sorry your boiler is playing up at least you have made me realise its not just me things seem to happen to !

You are dealing with things very well , i have had sinus infections at times for weeks & weeks & it has got me down , then my thinking goes & so on , so you are dealing with this brill & I no how run down it must have been making you feel

Cant wait for that post from you when it says "my cough has gone " I have fingers crossed it wont be long before I see it !

Lottery would be lovely to win , I just need to start buying a ticket though , thats me I say i would love to win it , but never buy a ticket !!!

I am glad you are feeling a bit better today , lets hope this is the start of things going right , as you flipping deserve it !

Thinking about you

whywhy xxx


I feel for you.

Our boiler broke down twice in December 2009 and despite having the British Gas Three Star Service Plan it took them three days to come out and fix it. This was when we had heavy snow and I was right in the midst of a terrible chest infection so bad the doctor put me on an inhaler and antibiotics.

I couldn't ever walk to the local shops at the end of my road without gasping for air. I've never known anything like it.

I can really sympathise with asthma suffers.


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