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Dear Everyone,

I have had amazing councelling for a year, am on citralopram and have been following 10 practical ways from the mental health foundation to improve my mental health, have written in a diary and have had support from this amazing site( a special thank you to Jonathan6789 for all your advice, for always being there for so many of us. I hope your move to Devon has been a good one), and amazing support from my family (mother, father, brother and sister).

I feel as if my problems are like a cloak that i am wearing which also covers my head. however, my feet and my lower part of my legs appear to be free. I feel a bit like i have the right support in place to tackle my issues or troubles(i am unsure of the exact word).

I still feel that I have difficult times ahead however, i also feel a slight sense of pleasantness that with the support that i have i can in the future very very slowly begin to overcome them. After having written the last sentence i feel a sense of a release or loosening of some kind along with possibly some tears.

I wish everyone a great week and best wishes.

Kindest regards,


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Hi Marcus

What a lovely positive post , just what was needed

So nice to hear a little bit more about you & the fact this will show many that you will improve & need to make sure you push for the right treatment if needed

You are always so kind & polite , always makes me smile , so thank you for that

I am also pleased you have a lovely family supporting you & this site of course :-)

Marcus YOU have a great week to !

whywhy xxx


Dear Whywhy,

Thank you very much.

It is very interesting to read you're reply, about the positiveness of the blog and that you say that it is 'so nice to hear a little bit more about you'

How did the dentist go today?

KIndest regards,



Thank you for asking Marcus , it was not pleasant to be honest & yes I had anxiety , they were very good with me though & understanding

I have got through it now & hope I can start to relax a little again

whywhy xxx


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