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When's it going to end :(

Hi everybody, another newbie here!!

I have found myself on here because I am searching the web to find some sort of reassurance about the way I am feeling.

In November my hubby went through some stressful problems at work which then lead to him applying for a job abroad, I thought I coped with the whole situation quite well ..... then I took a viral infection and with the underlying anxiety I couldnt control my heart rate!! I felt awful ..... ended up in hospital twice in the same fortnight :(

I had all the tests, all my bloods were fine and a doc suggested anxiety - I disagreed, I said that I was a little anxious about being ill but not suffering from anxiety - HOW WRONG WAS I.

Had a rubbish Christmas, new year and birthday - felt so weak, naseous etc etc

Anyway, My hubby has got the job abroad and the position is for the whole family - wonderful package with amazing opportunities but with all the other little stresses I realsied that this was one of the major factors of my anxiety - did I really want to uproot, move kids thousands of miles??? Scary!!

So I had a follow up appointment at hosp and I told doc I thought he was prob right with regards to anxiety as I didnt know that it could cause such an effect physically!!! he prescribed me Citalopram and prolanalol slow realease and my GP gave me tamazepam for sleeping.

My GP didnt agree with starting me on citalopram but told me to decide so I carried on, Im on day 12 now feel like CR*P ..... Ive been so sick, feel dizzy and faint. My family say my mood has improved but I cant sleep (even with tamaepam) I can hardly eat withour wretching.

My hubby leaves for the middle east in a couple of weeks, we have 2 yound kids! I am supposed to follow in a month or 2 when Im better (IF) .. I feel so weird and detached. Im nothing to the person I was!

My sister has been an amazing support and she herself has suffered from depression so I dont want to rely on her so much but I need her!

Im so scared I'll never get better, feeling like this is the worst thing ever!

Mo x

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that is the million pound question, we all want it gone yesterday! it will go, but as to when, who knows? it is normal to feel anxiety and stress, it is a big step moving countries, changing you, your partner and children's life. as you say, this could be a really good move but you are bound to have doubts but i think it is wise to try and ignore all the what if's and come up with a plan and a trial time for if things do not go the way you plan, then at least this may take some of the worry away and let you concentrate more on the positives.

good luck, Steve


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