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Citalopram making me sick??

HI Im new on here, Im on day 12 of 10mg of citalopram and am still feeling as bad - if not worse than I did before I went on the meds.

I had nausea with the anxiety but now I am sick every day and this last couple of day am feeling light headed and spaced out/faint.

Will this get better - Im desperate for reassurance.

My family think my mood has improved but I just feel so horrendous.

Also, my period started yesterday after coming off cerazette in December - could this be why I feel worse?

Thanks for reading

Mo x

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I was also on them they didnot agree with me doctor took me off them i am on beta blockers which do help but do not get rid of the anxiety xx


im on prolanalol also (slow release beta blocker) how long did you ride it out for?


I felt the same with ciltroplam on 10 mg for 28 days then 20g for 2 days. They didnt help me i felt spaced out and more anxious and panic scared. Messed my sleeping up. and give horrible headaches i think they made me worse but tgey did stop my heart pauptations tho. you could go back to doctor tell them how you are feeling


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