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Struggling and Stressed

Having a really bad patch and could do with a hug. Had anxiety probs for over 20 years, had relapse about 10 months ago and thought I was ok but just before christmas felt not good at all. Not able to work at the moment as I can't concentrate and having trouble eating and sleeping. I have a nice doctor and he changed my meds last Friday so I know I've got to give it time. Just feel really shaky and tired, don't want to go out, my mum and dad are the best just feel bad as they shouldn't be having to look after me.

I could go on but you get the idea, even the falling snow is getting on my nerves. Why is it when I'm well I can't imagine feeling anxious and when I'm anxious I feel like I'll never be well again. Just feel I let people down.

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A great big hug to you im so sorry you are like this i am new to this as i have only had GaD for a few months i am doin everything in my power to beat or control this thats why im seeing a counsellor and reading books doing excersises and eating properly and healthy we all will beat this illness keep on this site they are the best people ever i feel like we are all one big family xx


Another big hug



A big cyber hug on it's way to you.

It's horrible when you feel like this. You're not letting anyone down, darling, you're just not well at the moment. Try to be kind to yourself. All being well your meds will kick in soon and you'll start to feel better.

Keep posting on here too. It really helps.




Thank you for all your hugs, I think of you when I feel I'm getting panicky and it helps a lot

Love Boater, but glad I'm not in this weather!


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