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Will there ever be light at the end on the tunnel

I have been dealing with anxiety/ panic disorder/OCD for 4 years but tbh have always been a person that's stresses out. I recently found that a friend of a friend 32 died of a heart attack!!!! I've been anxiety free and off my meds for 5 months but this news has sent me back to square one. I am having the symptoms I know are anxiety related pins and needles in my hands, pain on the right of my chest, cold spells shaking etc but can't stop the feeling am going to die and leave my beautiful 3 year old daughter behind. Any words of advice for this evening the nights are always the worst for me.

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liverpool82 i feel for you just try and relax its worry that causes anxiety and stress,i thought i was having a heart attack a few days ago but i'm still here so i know its not my heart,i tell it to go away now and keep busy it sorta helps xx


As you already know there is light at the end of the tunnel. You were anxiety free, or at least able to cope with any anxiety you were feeling.

Think back to how that felt. What kind of thoughts did you have? How are they different from what you are thinking now? What could you do to get back to that way of thinking?

You already reached the light at the end of the tunnel. You will know the best way for you to reach that light once again. Trust yourself.


yes!!! the bloody train coming the other way........ sorry that was a joke!

things will get better, it may not feel like it but they do and the more it returns you will learn to cope better and ignore the symptoms (hard). when i first suffered with depression a lot of the physical symptoms were through anxiety but over the years they do not worry me any more as i know they only appear when i am depressed. a lot of people think that depression and anxiety are just in the head but they do effect the way your whole body works, when the brain is on high alert it diverts energy to the most important parts, brain, heart is ready to release chemicals at the drop of a hat so you can take flight, a lot of adrenaline is produced so you feel constantly on alert. i guess you already know this though by how you feel.



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