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This may seem a little less dire than other things on this site, but I'm still just looking for help, same as everyone else. I had bad anxiety for about a year, and I've got over most of it now, the only thing that still remains is my fear of large assembly's of people. I'm in my last year of high school, and I have an assembly every friday morning. As I write this I'm sat at home missing it. Its one of the only things that still seriously freaks me out. I want to go and just do it, because when I think about it I just think ' I'll probably feel bad for 5 mins then feel fine', But then this perpetual dystopian future springs to mind, where i think that if i go all the anxeitys will come back and I will be at square one again. I used to fear going to school, then only a few lessons, and now i'm comfortable all the time at school. Assembly, buses, and going to the theatre or cinema are the four things that still scare me, and the correlation between those is of course, being in a large room with a bunch of people. Its less im afraid of the people, its whenever I do go i just feel physically sick, my palms start sweating and I start shaking, like uncontrollably. I know Its not fear of people, because If i'm with a big group of people outside I never feel bad, its only when Im inside i feel kind of trapped. What should I do?

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No, jamie, your problems are not less dire than other peoples because they are very important to you, and we all understand here. You seem to be making good progress but, as we have just explained to joanne 'setbacks' do occur. If you come out of anxiety without at least one 'setback' then you are lucky. You seem to have a mild dose of Agoraphobia which can take many forms. Dr. Weekes in her books says that 'recovery lies in the places you fear'. Do you anticipate?. Look at coming visits to the cinema with dread? Then you are laying the soil in which anxiety can grow. By anticipation you start the adrenaline flowing so that you are prepared for battle, and, boy, do you battle. Do you go with gritted teeth, determined to overcome this 'thing'? You will not win that battle. Can you go forward with complete ACCEPTANCE of how you may feel? No fighting or struggling just go with it. Let the feelings come. Let them pass over you. You will calm down. Not immediately because the adrenaline flow does not cease at once, but gradually. When you find the feelings do not kill you you can think more clearly. Now this is not easy. It goes against you natural instincts which are to fight against the feelings. Do just the opposite. Be like a duck. Water flows off its back but does the duck care if it does or not? No, because it is perfectly natural for it to do so and it is not even aware of it. Let your disruptive thoughts go the same way, off your back. Imagine them doing that. They cannot harm you if you ACCEPT them. Good luck and blessings. jonathan.

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I've had this type of anxiety all my life. I work in a sch so assemblies r a daily thing for me. Wat i do is sit at the side nearest the exit and distract myself by either focusing on the person who's doing the assembly I.e focus on their voice , wat there wearing, or focus on counting the bricks on the wall. Daft I know but it works for me. I also concentrate on my breathing so it's slow and deep.

At the cinema I always sit on the end of a row and av a plan of action. If I get too anxious I just nip out to the loo to catch 5 mins and calm down. Sum times I can go 3 or 4 times but it doesn't matter becus I'm in control it's in my plan and I av given myself permission.

If I go out I always linger near a door... Most of the time I don't even need to escape but its there if I do and again I've given myself permission to go if the need arises. I've learnt to except that that is me and that's ok. I never fight the anxiety any more I let it come becus again I've given myself permission...

Hope u too come to a solution that works for u soon. Don't beat ure self up bout it. Xx

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Hi I have the same fear but I fear like life?? I dunno I over think things like how do I see bla blah but!! I know what you can do I had karate today and was kinda scared to go so I (it's sound stupid but it's worth a shot) I ate as much suguray food as I could find and I dissolved suger in water now this suger made distracted from over thinking the suger rush wears off after a short period of time so tomorow I have assembelly and I'm going to drink suger water and eat loads of fatty foods I hope this helps it did for me and good luck :)


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