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New, sudden symptoms have brought my anxiety back :(

Well, I really didn't want this to happen after getting a clean bill of health on my heart, but I have just been through some new symptoms that I've never experienced before. Last night I woke up only an hour after falling asleep and felt the following symptoms:

- Pins and Needles in my chest, along with a feeling of pressure

- Weakness/Heaviness in my arms and legs, especially when bending them

- Upon movement, a sudden hot flush that radiated through my chest, arms, legs and most worrying of all, my face. Began to fade after a minute, but my face still feels flushed today.

Every morning for the last 4 days I have woken up with heavy arms, and when I stand up I tend to notice my heart rate more along with stabbing chest pains in random places. I also feel very lightheaded, no matter how much sleep I think I get, and throughout the day my chest feels randomly tight. Worst of all, I keep getting cold feelings in my left arm and hands, left side of my chest, and even the left side of my head.

Sorry that there are so many symptoms, but I thought I was all clear a few days ago, and now I've been hit hard by some scary symptoms indeed! Could ALL of this possibly be anxiety or neurologically related? Very worried since any searches I do all take me either to pages about heart attacks or random "diagnosis" websites!

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Hi. Daxter. KEEP OFF THE DIAGNOSIC WEBSITES. You are not a doctor so cannot understand them and will only frighten yourself all the more. I am coming to the conclusion that they should be banned, or moderated so that only professionals have access. They can definitely damage your health. How many of the sites you visited had adverts. Do you see? You are very vulnerable and they know how many are these days, so they cash in on this. There is only one person or persons that can give you proper advice and that is your GP.

5 years at medical school and 3 years post graduate training gives them that right. Leave it alone, Daxter, however tempting. The symptoms you describe are anxiety related. I would not say that if I did not know you have been 'looked at' and have been cleared of any illness. If you had a heart attack last night you would be in intensive care this morning and you aren't are you? Unless you are blogging from your hospital bed which I doubt!!! You are worrying yourself unduly so try to understand that anxiety can mimic ANY physical symptom. Best wishes. jonathan.


As jonathon says anxiety can cause the most funny syptoms. i my self dnt suffer frm health anxiety but 1 thing i do know is ur syptoms of heart problems r extremly common in anxiety sufferers + plenty of strong men end up at casualty 2 b sent bck home + told its the dreaded monster(anxiety). if u hav bin cleared by the professionals plse put ur trust in them. kindest regards leeanne.**


Oh Daxter I do sympathise with you as I could have written your post!! I get all those symptoms and more fact it's a bloody wonder I am here to tell the tale. I'm sure the real symptoms of heart problems can't be worse than the ones we make up in that dark side of the mind!!!! Now whywhy and myself have banned ourselves from googling symptoms and I would ask you to join us....if not I'll switch your internet off :) Love and Hugs x Ella x


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