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Trying to get pregant and come off 20 mg of citlopram

hi i was just wondering if any of you ladys have been in my situation .i am currently trying to get pregnant whilst trying to come off citlopram i am so worried about me not being able to conceive i havnt took any for four days and the effects of coming off them straight away are realy bad i havnt told my doctor yet but am thinking of making an appointment any help would be brilliant as im worrying my self stupid about this

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Hi vampy

You should most certainly come of your tablets with a tapper plan , which you should do with the help of your GP & please make an appointment tommorrow if you can

You will feel bad if you are coming of them to quick , thats why you need to ask GP , please do

Now then , are we in any rush to get pregnant or is it the fear that when you do want a child you may not be able to ?

One thing that is for sure , there is nothing worse than worry & stress to stop a woman getting pregnant , so again this is why you really need to tell GP what you are wanting & let them advise you the best way to go about things

Your tablets you take wont have any implications that you will not be able to concieve when the time is right

Get help coming of them if thats what you want to do & the rest let mother nature take its course & it will when its time believe me , mother nature played a trick on me , I wanted one child & ended up with 3 ! wouldnt be without any of them now though , but just trying to point out , it will happen when the time is right

Let us no how you go on

whywhy xxx


Hi I was on citalopram and I found out I was pregnant whilst still taking the tablets. I came off mine within a 2 week period. I would take a tablet miss a day then take a tablet then miss 2 days and so on this was done to stop me getting any side effects as agreed with my doctor. Since having my baby I had to be prescribed escitalopram and you only get side effects for a few days which was good. Hope this is of some help to you. Good luck xx


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