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My CBT "homework"

I had another CBT session today and was given "homework" for the week. One of the tasks is to stop seeking reassurance about my health from family and friends. I have also been told to try and stop prodding and poking my abdomen. I really cannot stop prodding my abdomen, I'm convince I have a tumour on my stomach, as I get this strange sensation in my abdomen which is worse after I eat too much. So I've broken both of these rules today as I cannot stop prodding, and here I am seeking reassurance!

JB xx

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This i have been though hun .i can say the more you think about it the more your stomach the more pain you feel. I have done the cbt and this will help the more you go. I am not a doctor but l say the pain is down to stress and this upsets your stomach and your getting gastro acid.please go ask your doctor hun .and your find your brain telling you .you have the pain


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