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Upset and confused

I had my telephone consultation with Kca newthoughts today. Had bad time at my last job so left and now unemployed (again!). They are going to refer me to counselling, hopefully cbt again as had it a few years ago. I think i'm at the conclusion where my anxiety is so ingrained I just can't shake it. I've started waking up early and just feeling yuck without a trigger. I've had this illness since very early childhood. It feels like i'm missing some chemical in the brain.

Anyone else feel the same!!

All I want to do is settle!!

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Hi. oldhand. There is no such thing as 'ingrained' nervous illness. No matter how long you have sufferer you CAN recover, rest assured. It just means that negative thinking and a feeling of despair have become your 'habit' so that to you it is 'normal' for you to think that way. And you are not missing something in the brain. The jury is still very much still out on that one no matter what anyone else says, so forget it and think about recovery. Give CBT a go again. I know they update it from time to time and you may find a different practitioner this time round. Don't despair. It is sometimes in the midst of a downward spiral that we see a light in the distance. You must walk toward the light. Mornings can be the worse times for sufferers because we have difficulty facing the day. You can only do your best but try not to face the day with foreboding. It could be a good day or just a better one. Keep trying and good luck. jonathan.


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