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need a rant

my son who's just turned 7 as got bad speech problems, he as a speech woman go up the school once a month from the nhs. he's had woman doing speech with him since the age of 3 and half and never seemed to be getting better. wen he was in nursery his treacher had word with me and said wen he was in the class he said just look out the window all day and if they was outside he wud luck inside the window. they gave him two wks to c a change then if no change was gonna put him in for tests. well he came out of his self and made a friend to, started to join in with activities. so there for didn't get tested for anything. well last yr I thought enough is enough and had a private speech lady come round once a fortonight within a month she came up with the problem, speech dyspractia and started him back at the beginning. she even got the nhs lady to book him an hearing txt which came back perfect. I've been waiting now mths to get him statemented with no joy. he's going into juniors next yr and even thou he's a bit better with his speech he's still not good. he can't join in convos so he acts silly which isn't his fault. he doesn't eat much at all. maccies maybe a sausage now n then and sum chocolate bars. with most food he gags, it's a worry. I know he needs more help but with the statement taking so long I'm getting mad with the school and nhs. it's a worry about his eating as well and believe me I've tried everything. I'm taking him to the doctors tomorrow and am going and am not going to stop with the doctor infill he refers him xxx

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Hi donaf

I had problems with schools , thank goodness its behind me now as from what you say things havnt improved

As much as I suffer with anxiety , the one thing that I have always managed to do when needed is put it to one side if it is to do with my kids (just like you sound you are doing )

Best thing I ever did , was pushed & pushed & pushed , wouldnt take "no for an answer " eventually they listen , but I found I had to push all the way

Not the same problems as you , but one of mine did need support , I got it !!!!

Keep going , dont give up,rant on here , & good on you , you son needs you & you are a great parent as you are doing everything you can !

You will get there , dont give up hope

Let us no how this goes , I even went to my local MP as I was so fed up & felt the system was letting me down !

whywhy xxx


Definitely keep persuing it! My boyfriend is dyslexic and didnt get properly tested till he was 11 in secondary school! His mum admits now she wishes she had listened to her self & pushed for help. Remember you are his mum and "MUM'S ALWAYS KNOW BEST!"

Sending lots & lots of good luck your way :)


Hi Donaf, nice to hear from you love , I thought you had gone to Las Vegas and decided to stay lol! Oh I feel for you and your little boy, makes me so annoyed when they mess around so much instead of getting things sorted! I really hope you make some progress soon

Love x Ella x


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