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more anti biotics

Had to go the drs again this morning, my cough has got worse and wakes me up and im wheezing and cant breathe. She's put me on more anti biotics and iv got a breathe easy inhaler. It feels like iv been ill for months, its one thing after another atm. Of a night when i wake up, im really scared because i cant breathe with the cough and wheezyness, i try to keep calm to keep my anxiety down so not to set off a panic attack, but im really scared and im up on my own. Seems a few people i know have it, and one of them doesnt smoke so there must be viruses going round. Im so tired and feel exhausted, its been 4 days now iv not slept properly

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Hi linny

Sorry you have been feeling so bad , not easy on top of anxiety , & of course our minds get carried away !

i would feel anxious to , i have had this cold , it seems one minute its going ,& then its back ! seems to be a virus that is getting to loads of us , think we are tired with anxiety & then when we get a virus , makes it a little worse , & the more we worry , the lower we get , then it slows up recovery , then we start worrying & on it goes (if you get what I am saying )

Its true though , even though mine is a throaty cough at the moment , i no including family , they have had to have several courses of antibiotics , they are not smokers & a few have had to have steriod inhalers ! One I no it took 3 months to clear up , I dont say this to frighten you , but hope it reasures you

Sleep when you can at the moment you need your rest & night time everyone seems to cough more , so if you can have a nap in the day , have one , as I find when I am tired my thinking & anxiety gets worse

Try propping yourself up as much as you can in bed with pillows , the higher you can get your head when laying down helps a little

We are all here , keep complaining how you feel

May not have helped any :-(

whywhy xxx


Hi. Antibiotics dont usually work for coughs and viruses. They can actually weaken your immune system if you take too many. One thing which may help you is high strength manuka honey though it is quite expensive. It acts like a natural antibiotic and is great for sore throats and coughs. Also bee propolis lozenges are good. Also try liquorice tea and avoid sugar, tea and coffee. . To calm your anxiety drink cammomile tea and also take vitamin B complex. All these things can be found in Holland and Barratt if you wish to try a healthy alternative. If you smoke , send off for a free quit smoking pack available from the nhs. Get plenty of rest and use steam inhalation. (A towel over your head and a bowl of boiling water) You can add euclyptus oil to it. Also, get enough vitamin C. They sell soluble vit C and zinc in Asda.


Ive also had virus + now hav sinus infection as wellas water infection. anxiety + depression cause immune system to lower which in turn doesnt help us. jst try 2 b strong.xx


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