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How is everybody finding their start to the new year?

Hi Everyone.

I was wondering if anybody uses the new year as a mental push to go on to bigger and better things, or if you feel it is just another year and another day?

I have used the start of this year as a new start. 2012 was a horrific year for me, so my aim is to make this a great year and make up for it. I want to push my anxiety aside, get on planes and travel and get back to the energetic and enthusiastic person I used to be.

The small changes I have made so far (some ridiculously simple and small) that have started to help:

* Making sure my clothes are not inside out when I hang them up/put them in drawers (Sounds ridiculous but I used to get so annoyed in the mornings when I had to mess around with my clothes. Pure laziness!)

* Having my morning take away coffee from my favourite coffee stand. (A simple thing that I stopped doing as I related my anxiety symptoms to caffeine. Not the case at all. The bright Orange cup puts a smile on my face)

* Using a 'to do' book (I now have a 'list' book at work. I used to firefight all of my workload, however now, I have a colour co-ordinated to do list and I have been so much more organised)

* Do it now! (I no longer put anything off. So far this new year I have renewed my driving license, started driving lessons, got insurance, had a filling, arranged required doctors appointments)

Has anybody else taken any steps this new year?


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Hi mandy

I cant say I have took any steps for the New Year , more taking each day at a time at the moment

It is good to have goals though & you seem very positive & have set yourself some sensible ones to acheive

I had to smile , like how the orange cup makes you smile , sometimes it can be the little things in life ..which is good

I hope you acheive your goals , remember to take things in your own time & dont be hard on yourself or push yourself beyond what you feel ok with

Hope you let us no how things go & good luck with the driving !

whywhy xxx


Hiya Mandy The "To Do" list is very useful ....thank you for posting this ...Your popst just jogged my mind reminding me to either get a diary or make a 'to do' list.

Have a good day, : )


Hi Mandy.

Looks like you’re taking the bull by the horns, which is great to read. I too plan to try my best this year to stop letting my social anxiety control my life. It stops me doing so many of the things that I used to enjoy (when I was care-free) so like you I want to get back to my old self. Over the years I have happily accepted that I will always suffer some kind of anxiety, but I want to channel all my positive energy into doing the things I enjoy but worry about. Good luck to you, and keep us informed on how you’re getting on! :)


Dear Mandy26,

I am finding the start to the new year something different(from the past) in terms of my ability to get in touch with my feelings and thereby knowing what my needs are. I am a little better at it now.

My new year's resolution is to take it easy.

I wish you lots of succes with your new start.

Kindest regards,



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