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Really frightened!!!!!

So today my dr and myself decided I could try to start being weaned off propranolol. I thought I felt alright about it but now I'm terrified about going it alone. I feel like I'm losing my cushion of security without my tablets, but really want to be med free. Also I'm worried my gad will return with a vengeance! Wonder if anyone elce felt like this when coming off..,,,

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Hi. H2. Your GP must have been happy about your coming off tabs. You have discussed it together and were you satisfied about the decision? You are 'weaning' off. That is how it should be. If you had a broken leg and, as it healed, you were told to strengthen it without a crutch would you feel so upset? That is what is happening. I think we all feel, when coming off drugs, apprehension, but it does pass as we realise the relief of NOT being on drugs. Try not to let it worry you too much. If you still feel bad about it contact your GP again and explain the situation. They will not let you suffer unnecessarily. But is it not a good sign to even think about coming off? My advice would be 'taper' slowly but stick it out. You will be pleased with yourself when you do. Regards. jonathan.


Hi H2B32

You will feel aprehensive about been weaned of , as any of us would after we have relied on something to help us feel better , but your GP must think you are ready , & at any time if you dont feel happy , then tell them

Your gad wont come back with vengeance , but if at some stage in your life if you started feeling down you can always go on a course again , so there are back ups for all your fears

As they are weaning you of , you shouldnt feel it especially if they do it slowly & if you feel after a drop you are not quite ready , then just tell them , & they should take it at your own speed

Think of that goal you want "med free " you have now got to a stage where you have acheived it

Well done you

This site is here & everyone to help see you through this


And by the way. If you worry about "IT" returning then remember "IT" is waiting to do so IF YOU WORRY. Try not to be anxious about something that is unlikely to happen. Your tabs have done the trick so stay with it. j.


Hi there :)

I have been off Propranolol for two months now and feel ok. So at last I med free! like you will be :) I did have a lot of trepidation about coming off them like you I was very fearful but consoled myself by knowing they work and I could always go back on them if things got difficult. I did take advantage of a special scheme called 'italk' run by NHS in Hampshire this taught me skills to help cope with panic attacks, don't know if you have it in your area I would recommend it if you do. I agree with all the other comments. I say go for it! I wish you well and good luck. Hugs x


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