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It will pass

It will pass

Been back at work part time, for three weeks now. It is pretty hard going, and I get waves of anxiety from time to time. When they come, I calmly remind myself that the wave will pass - and sure enough they do. So I am hoping, and praying that at last I am on the way up. Just thought I would share a picture of a lovely hotel we stayed in, before I was taken ill last year.

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Looks to me like another success story. Two in one day, my goodness!! Well done GrayEm. You appear to be ACCEPTING your symptoms which, to me, is the real way out of this anxiety illness. CALMLY is the secret word. No agitation, no 'Oh my God, here it is again, what shall I do'. stde has the right approach too. 'Here you are again, come on then, have a go'. This takes the energy out of it and reduces it to size. We are being bluffed by our feelings. Again, well done and keep up the good work. Regards. jonathan.


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