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Doctor has made my anxiety worse! (heart related again, sorry!)

It's the one thing I absolutely didn't want to hear from any medical professional; there MIGHT be something wrong with my heart after all. Last night I had the worst symptoms I've ever experienced in my chest and left arm, even extending to my neck! It was all bad enough to wake me up at 4 in the morning and keep me up. They included:

- Weakness/Numbness in my left arm, extending to my hand and collarbone.

- Tightness in my chest which - for about half a minute at one point - became a crushing sensation like someone was standing on me.

- Dizziness, especially when sitting up.

- Palpatations

- Shivering

- Pulsing headaches and a pulse in my lower back

- Head rushes/zaps and feeling faint

I could remember from past "Googling" how all of the symptoms are typical of a heart attack, and the fact they wouldn't subside and gradually got worse supported my fears. :( The worst was yet to come. The symptoms faded after about half an hour but most came back with a vengeance. For about 5 seconds at one point, I was unable to move, speak or even breathe. I've never been so worried in my life; I wasn't even trying to fall asleep at that point, and my parents didn't believe me when I was finally able to call for help.

Luckily I already had a doctor appointment with my GP booked this morning. She checked the notes I made about my symptoms, and listened to my heart, but claimed I was ok. I'm still waiting for an echo to take place, and I was petrified to hear the doctor is trying to mark it as urgent, as she "no longer believes this is only the work of anxiety." I may have a "leaky valve" or other heart problems.

I just want to be normal. I don't want any heart problems at all, I hate living in fear like this. Any excercise at all now raises my heart rate to stupidly fast palpatations and causes tightness. I agree with the doctor - how can this possibly be anxiety anymore?

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Well, it might be! i went to some relaxation classes years ago - there was a relatively young (late 30s?) guy there who'd been to his doctor with chest pains etc.Even his doctor wasn't sure, so sent him to a cardiologist. Diagnosis? Anxiety!!!

Know it's easier said than done, but do try to relax as much as possible - DON'T indulge in any exercise except maybe gentle walking - and wait for the results of the echocardiogram.

This from the BHF may help:-

Do come back and let us know how you get on





I have said before, it is amazing how this anxiety can 'mimic' any sort of illness. ALL the symptoms of any illness can appear and that is why we get so frightened in Heath Anxiety. They really are true symptoms although the actual illness is not present. Can you wonder that doctors send us off for checks and scans because they cannot be sure themselves? Psychosomatic dis-ease is a real dis-ease. (Psycho, the mind, somatic, the body). The two are inextricably linked and dont we know it!!. Regards. jonathan.


Hi daxter. I am sorry to hear you went through such horrible symptoms. I wanted to reply as ovrr the past 6 months ive gone through the exact same thing. I had the same symptoms as yourself. Pain in left of chest, tightness, shakes. The doctor said he thought it was the connections in my heart. That the top part and bottom part werent connected properly. 3 months later I saw a consultant at the hospital, I had ecgs which showed up fine. I was then given a heart monitor to carry with me for a month. I recorded the symptoms as I did have some episodes and attacks. However I saw the consultant on tuesday and he said that although the monitor picked up on an increased heart rate he believes it is anxiety. I asked if these episodes could cause any damage to my heart and body and he reassured me that the heart is such a strong muscle it is made to deal with extreme circumstances. I feel so much better after going through it all, I definitely dont feel as scared. I hope everything goes ok for you. Dont worry. X


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