Me, myself and stupid I !!

It all started 2012 had a traumatic year you wouldnt believe -then towards end of november i started getting panic attacks and feeling aggitated all the time. I went to my doc ( i convinced myself i was dying ) and put me on the list to see the CBT Jan 2013. In the mean time i was having more and more attacks, felt so alone, wanted to run and hide , felt mental because felt like no-one understood and i didnt tell family and did tell friends but they didnt understand so distanced myself from people. It got to Dec when it came to a head and i cut myself ( i know why to get help - never do this it hurts soooo much lol) i went into hospital and got help through the crisis team there. I am now under them and they are fab - get calls every day and reassurance, and my family are so supportive and do you know what ive become so aware im not alone there are so many people with this too. I get good days i get bad days. the bad days are horrid and i wanna crawl and become a hobbit - but the good days when i find myself laughing are brill. dont suffer on your own tell people , if they dont understand, there problem, but there are loads of supportive people out there to help. I keep a daily panic diary and am on Diazapan for the moment but i will overcome this. If anyone needs someone to talk to please dont hesitate , message me - -i felt so alone and desperate but believe me your not!!!!!!


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3 Replies

  • Good post.......full of hope ....and positive.........

    Get well wishes................thanks for that!!!

  • its good to share your thoughts and fears with others, extra baggage can be a heavy load to carry.x

  • and they say that only the brightest of people suffer with anxiety , panics, so we all must be uber clever - lets take over the world lol xxx there are always people to listen, help and send hugs around, Your never ever alone xxx

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