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Natural help 4 panic + anxiety that does really work


Valerion hops + scull caps r a herbal remedy which r widly used. My grandad treated a little girl donkeys years ago who had a really bad nervous condition called st vitus dance, he did actualy cure this girl + her parents gave him £100 which was a hell a lot of money in them days + like i said b 4 st vitus dance is a really bad nervous condition. My mum has suffered frm anxiety frm a little girl, she has bin diagnosed wiv gad, post traumatic stress syndrome, OCD as well as severe clinical depression + shes agreat bliever in valerion hops. But b carefull as i cant take them bcause im on medication + u also hav 2 b carefull if u suffer frm depression. If u r not on any meds of the drs it would b well worth lookin in2. B aware that anythin herbal takes time 2 work its not an instantt miricle u do hav 2 stick wiv it. Let me know if any1 else has trid this plse. xx

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Hopefully it will help people and if your med don't work why can't you give it a try?? Also you can try vitamin b complex with med as it won't be a problem x

Yeah i know ive bin takin vitamin b complex started on wenesday wiv magnesium supplement.I would definatly like 2 try out valerion+ scull cap but cant as i suffer wiv very severe depression + the trouble is that calmin herbal meds whilst relaxin u can also depress ur mood+ i get the sort of depression were u dont want 2 get out of bed, cant find the motivation 2 even speak 2 people, in fact i can barely function wen at worse other wise would luv to try them:-)

Good keep going!! It will take times to make you feel better!

Have a look on this link and try chamomile flower tea too that I remmonded, only drink it 1-2 cup before bedtime ok? Xx

Thnk u hun, really not well wiv that cold/flu thing, also causin a sinus infection givin me a really bad head plus feel sick. Gonna go 2 bed + will look 4 tea in mornin. Why does life hav a nasty habbit of hittin u all at once:-)

Oh no, if you have fresh lemon, cut half and squeeze in cup and pour hot boiling water and sip it as it will rid the cold and add honey if you have one, if not do not worry just use fresh lemon and drink many as you can also hot bath will help cos skin pore open mean release the germs out from your body, get better soon and don't forget chamomile flower tea also it help with cold! Google it hun xx


Try night Kalms for bed, also st johns wort for mild depression and anxiety. Depending how severe you are you may need to visit a doctor but go through the herbal route first. Vitamin D and B are good.

Thank u 4 ur comments only jst bin able 2 come bck online was havin problems with orange + internet services:-)

Also cant take calms as a lot of herbal things cant mix wiv meds. Im on sertreline 4 5wks + really not doin well i feel like im speedin, on the go all times, its takin me all my strength jst 2 b able 2 sit dwn, feel like my body wants 2 run all the time. Dont know if its the sertreline or is jst me. Has any1 else had or heard of this:-)

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