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The deer stood feeding in the would look left...look right..then if the coast was clear from any perceived would bow its head to graze..not for too long....until it repeated the ritual.....always aware..always alert....never at peace...nervously getting on with feeding itself and at the same time on the lookout for anything that moved----anything that looked or sounded suspicious.......ready at the snap off a twig for all systems to spring into action and go straight into top gear and escape the perceived danger...

It was running in survival mode.....always fearful...always fully..fully aware..of everything....its mind never at peace.

It lived with fear as its partner...........

ARE YOU LIVING LIKE THIS DEER?????....who,s hunting you....thats!

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stde. You really are having a productive spell and jolly good too. When one puts it like that it can be very effective and acts like a mirror. We see ourselves, perhaps for the first time, looking over our shoulder constantly, waiting for some danger that really doesn't exist. Fear is a terrible task master. Many thanks. jonathan.


Its does me good to be reminded of some of the basic tools and lessons i first learnt when anxiety become a big problem for me. We all have that fight or flight response its natural basic instinct to survive. I know my reaction is a flight reaction and sometimes i can figure out whats making me afraid or unsettling me. Other times i have no idea and just have to let it go. Thanks stde.


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