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Anyone out there getting stress from broadband providers?

I opened my mail on Cristmas Eve to find a letter from Virgin Media telling me that I owe them £65 because I haven`t been paying my broadband bill. I can`t understand how because when i signed up with them in October, I arranged for direct debit, & the money would be teken straight from my bank account. I`m wondering if they`re trying it on because you really can`t trust big corporations nowadays & they`ll rip their customers off if they can get away with it. I`d like to terminate my contract with them but Iv`e signed on for a year, & I doubt if I can get out of it without paying a big fine. Do any other members know if It`s possible to switch to a cheaper supplier without paying over the odds? I know this is not a mental health question, but it is causing me some degree of stress, & has prayed on my mind over Xmas. I`m on jobseeker`s allowance, & it would cause some hardship if I had to cough up that amount of money. I feel as if Iv`e been trapped by Virgin Media, & their demands for money, I can`t find a way out.

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Okay, Fairy, you do the following:-

Check your bank account that your Direct Debits have been going out;

If not, ring Virgin - free on 150 - and ask why they haven't been taking them;

If they have been going out, ring Virgin - free on 150 - and demand to know why they are hassling you for money you've paid;

Say you want a discount for the stress and worry they've caused you.

If my experience is anything to go by, they'll cave in and give you a discount!

Good luck and let us know how you get on!





Good advice there Rose, was gona say the same. Check your account. I am sure they would not have waited 2 months for a payment.

As for finding somewhere cheaper they all have their flaws. I am with virgin, and to be honest they are all as bad as each other.

Hope it gets sorted for you.

Love Lou. xx


Iv`e tried to get in touch with them by both phone & online, but they just aren`t answering either, I don`t know what to do now, I`m at my wit`s end with these people. I`d like to change my broadband providers, but how can i when they won`t even answer the phone. Theyv`e even cut off my broadband, so I now have to rely on internet cafes to answer my emails!


Hi Fairy, are you locked in to a contract? If not, they don't need to release you as far as I know. Another provider just needs your authorisation to take over the bills. I'm in Aus so not sure it is the same everywhere.


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