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A good old cry!

I feel like absolute crap sometimes and I feel I can't cope (or know I can't cope) but I carry on with my brave face that must convince everyone close to me that I'm ok. Then I'm alone and here they come the dreaded tears! Tears of fear, sadness, loneliness, terror, hate, anger, hurt, LOVE!!! You name it there's a reason to cry and I cry because of them all not one at a time though everything at once and at the time I can't speak, I can't see, I can't stop dodgy noises coming out (lol) but after when all is gone I feel a little better for a while and I feel as though I can give advice again (maybe not good advice but my experiences may help)

We can't run away from this dreadful illness as it just catches us up again in the end! So let's just put it in a handbags or rucksack and carry it with us on our journeys and when we feel it falling out we can stop/slow down for a while and make space I out bags to slip it back down to the bottom again!

All the best for the new year to all! Be lucky xx

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My dear PB. Of course you want to cry. Who wouldn't when we see around us so much misery. But then there is also so much good. For a sensitive person living in this world it is never going to be easy. To the 'couldn't care less' brigade life is a doddle. Ride roughshod over everyone, so what! You will never be like that and I am sure you would not want to be.

But being sensitive has its price. You're going through all the emotions that mankind is vulnerable to and especially Love, which I see you have put in capitals. This is the one to fasten on to. All the others are negative but this one is beautiful; Love solves all problems, sustains us in trials and is always there even if disguised and sometimes swamped by all the negative emotions. It always triumphs. You did not put that in capitals for no reason, did you? Perhaps not consciously but you did. We cant run away from this, no. But if we turn and face it it loses a lot of its power. "IT" does not like to be looked at. "IT" hides in dark corners waiting to jump out on you. You know what I mean. My God, why shouldn't you give good advice? You have been there and know, as do most on this site so dont go away!!. Best wishes and blessings. jonathan.


Thank you for your reply as usual always so nice to read. So caring and honest thank you.

It's love that hurts Jonathan even when it feels so good lol If that makes sense?

Bless you for the time you take to help others such a wonderful job you do x


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