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Having a bad day

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a good Christmas. I've struggled today with being on edge and concentrating too much on my breathing. I've had clammy hands, feeling like I can't sit still, all whilst trying to seem as normal as possible, so no one can tell. It's days like this when I'm thankful for this site, to get things off your chest and knowing your not the only one can really help.

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Well done, LOr, you've done really well.

You didn't feel great but you got through it.

One of my greatest worries was how I'd deal with the food. I had waves of nausea walking into the dining room. I wanted to run away. But I took a few calming breaths and sat down and you know it wasn't that bad!!!!

The important thing is we got through it.x


Christmas can be a difficult time as it is, no matter what happens in life from now on I will always have the greatest respect for people who live with anxiety, what a life we lead, like some kind of double agent. Hope you managed to get some respite at some point today. Enjoy the rest of the festivities.


Hi Lor, I struggled as well love, not nice! I ended up accepting a glass of wine and ate everything in sight!! Anticipation of the event is abhorrent!! the actual thing ( with a glass of wine) was quite enjoyable. I thank God the worst is now over, bless you x Ella x


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