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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas my good , good , GREAT! Friends. How the hell I would cope without you I don't know????? Thank you so much for all the times I have been at the end of my tether and have been pulled back from the brink of God knows what. You are the kindest, most compassionate people I have had the good fortune to have met. I wish you all a Peaceful Christmas Day however you spend it, allow yourselves at LEAST one smile. Try and relax and enjoy your day because you are very special people, and I Love You, God Bless You

x Ella x

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I am SMILING when I say and so are you. You have been through the 'mill' this year and have still been an inspiration to many here, including me, and I thank you for it. It still amazes me how you keep your sense of humour! What would this world be without people like you and the many other brave souls on this site. Bless you ella, and I sincerely hope you have a better year ahead. Love. jonathan.


Ho ho ho hoping you have a merry Christmas x


:) xx


Merry Christmas, Ella,

Hope you've had a lovely, peaceful day.

Your kindness, compassion and humour have helped so much to hold me together these last few weeks, Ella.

Thank you for being you.x


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