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Hi all :-)

Hi everyone, I've had bits of anxiety this wk, its a lot better now then it was at the start.I think its more of thinking of other things and not adding fear to it that helps. I've been chatting to a friend of mine who's got it bad with it at the moment. She's been crying on and off for a good while with depression as well. She's been asking me for advice which I have gave her the best I cud. She may be joining this blog soon as I've told her about it. Said everyone advices each other and ur wouderfull people xxx

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Hi. don. So pleased to hear you are getting along well. Not adding fear, that is the answer but how very, very difficult. Fear is the culprit in this illness and if only we could learn not to add fear to fear we would recover. We went to Sainsbury's this morning and it was like Kings Cross station. My goodness, this annual madness really takes over. Talk about the end of the world coming. They are only closed for one day but everyone has to go mad today. What a performance!! Kind of mass hysteria. Hope your friend can come on the site. I do know that some find it difficult and almost a last resort to post on here. If I had known what I know now it would have been my first port of call. Thanks for the post. Christmas greetings. Keep up the good work. J.


Plenty of room at this inn.....


I,d maybe sack phychiatrists and get everyone to sign up here.........sometimes advice makes more sense by people who have walked the path!!....Merry Xmas to all........And if your worried about xmas remember has now passed tooooooo lol


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