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Why am i feeling so ill??


As you may see from my previous questions I have suffered anxiety for some time now which all started with vertigo about ten years ago. I have been having cbt therapy since April and at first it seemed to help alot.

Four weeks ago while at work i went really hot and began to panic, i also felt so weak and my legs went like jelly. I have been off work ever since. I rang my GP and explained my symptoms and he said it sounded like a viral infection and would clear in a maximum of two weeks.

Four weeks on and i am still not really much better. I suffer with my balance which is a problem especially when i am ill or run down. At the moment i just feel so ill...I can barely walk because my legs feel really heavy and my dizziness doesn't help, I ache mainly in my back and left side of my neck and chest, I also get random pains down my left arm and in my left almost feels like my heart, I feel so weak generally and am so tired. I am just concerned because i have suffered with anxiety for a few years and have never been this bad. Can anyone else relate to this? My therapist mentioned that it may be due to high cortisol levels in my blood due to my anxiety but these symptoms never go. I am terrified of doctors etc so find it really hard to do anything about it.

Also i find when i am nodding off or trying to sleep i get such a horrid feeling i cant even describe it... my left arm almost goes numb, i get random chest pains on my left side and i feel so weird like i am loosing the plot and very disorientated/spaced out. I sometimes really feel like i am going to die or something. I am much worse when i get up in a morning aswell.

Sorry for the long list but i really am fed up now especially with xmas a few days away.

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Hi.slj. Are you on any medication? I know you do not like doctors but I feel you do need support at the moment in the form of some sort of tabs. As I said to you before, all the symptoms you describe are those of acute anxiety. But you really must seek conformation and reassurance of this from your GP. We can only give you support but we cannot prescribe medication. You get relief from medicines which give your mind a rest. If you don't seek help then this could go on. I notice you have been in a nervous state for some time and to tell you to accept how you feel at the moment would be superfluous. Why wont your GP come and see you. If you feel as bad as you describe then you should insist that you get help. At this time of year doctors are extremely busy but that does not stop them getting their priorities right. In the meantime you are NOT going to die from these symptoms. If you were you would be gone by now. You would you know. Heart attacks don't 'hang around', you get one and it has to be dealt with. You say it feels like your heart. How do you know? Self diagnosis is a definite hindrance in this illness, in fact it is downright dangerous. You are frightening yourself. Somewhere at some time you have read or heard that pains in your left side are symptoms of a heart condition. Are they? I don't know because I have not spent 5 years at medical school! These symptoms are very common in nervous illness. I wonder if your doctior realises this and is unable to convince you? I don't know. Feeling weak and tired is so common in the anxiety state that one comes to expect it from every anxiety sufferer. I would suggest that everyone on this site has had it. I certainly have; and the neck pains; and the chest pains; and the weak legs. You see, you are not alone in this. Disoriented; spaced out, yes, all symptoms of the same state. Try and stop frightening yourself. I am not minimising how you feel but you should make an effort to realise that in nervous illness you feel as if the whole world is collapsing around you, but in the circumstances you create with all the faer involved is it surprising? Try and realise you are doing this to yourself. There Is no bogyman out there doing it to you. You can only do your best but at least try and calm yourself a little. My blessings to you. jonathan.


Hi, I totally agree with everything Jonathan has said, you sound as if you need a rest and some peace. Oh how we suffer from this damned anxiety!! It annoys me so much! this illness is brushed to the side because physically they can find nothing wrong!! Therefore it is vital that we learn how to feel better. We feel fear for a reason, to keep our selves safe when in danger. When we are sensitised we feel these feelings magnified many times over. If we don't recognise them they run riot ......out of control. Please get a book called " Essential help for your nerves" by Dr Claire Weekes. She pretty much covers every symptom you have described and more besides! Also maybe a trip to your GP for some sedation may well give you the realisation that it is indeed nerves that are causing you to feel like this. I remember well the very first time I took a tranquiliser .....I could not believe how my horror disappeared!! They have their place in medicine. Keep posting and make that appointment for tomorrow...there is no need to suffer like this sweetheart

Lots of Love x Ella x


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